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Team Building

Hosting /

Meeting Facilitating

I offer a wide variety of services designed to add fun, entertainment, knowledge, energy and/or humor to
your meetings/events/teambuilding/presentations. I work with all clients from individuals, to small teams,
to large audiences.

Adding the unexpected. Sharing knowledge. Encouraging teamwork.

I can MC your meetings, making sure they flow smoothly and keep audience engaged. I weave in industry specific information and references, and add creative moments of humor with video or power point slides. I can write and deliver all introductions of presenters and make sure the meetings get a strong kick-off and meaningful wrap-up.

In smaller groups I provide fun and educational team building sessions. Team building activities center around the principles of improv and aim to encourage creativity, confidence, and communication. Other themes for sessions include making a movie together as a team, or working on public speaking skills.


I am skilled in video filming and editing. I can use these skills to build videos for your company, meeting, or presentation. This element can be used in conjunction with both my hosting and team building.


As a Public Speaking instructor I have the right tools and knowledge to help executives build their presentations to maximize the impact of their message/information. I can help with speech writing, power point creation, and delivery skills.

Presentation Creation / Coaching

Video Production

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